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Viaje TNT

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July! I spent the day working at the cigar shop, but I took along a cigar to review. Today's review is of the Viaje TNT. I thought a cigar that looked like a stick of dynamite would be appropriate for this particular holiday. This is another special edition Viaje, that I got from one of the regular guys at the cigar shop. (thanks Rich!) This is a Nicaraguan Puro with a Sun Grown Corojo wrapper, measuring in at 6 1/4 X 54. This is a massive cigar, and really does look similar to a stick of dynamite. It has a long fuse at the cap and a closed foot to complete the look. These were sold in crates of 75 made to look like a crate of TNT, and only 50 crates were produced. 

This large cigar has a firm feel to it and is very heavy in hand. The wrapper is a little rough looking with some veins running the length of it and a slightly rough texture. It does however have a light oily sheen. After a clean cut, the TNT shows a very open predraw with a musty and slightly sweet prelit flavor. 

Once lit, the draw tightens up to just about the right amount of resistance I prefer, and delivers loads of flavor right away. There is a really savory deep wood flavor to start with, which is soon joined by a nutty flavor. This isn't a peanut flavor, maybe almond? One thing worth noting is the volume of smoke the TNT produces. This cigar puts out  huge clouds of fragrant, thick smoke. The burn has been a little wavy, but seems to straiten itself out without having to do any touch ups with my torch. The ash holds for less than an inch, and seems a little crumbly. 

The further I get into the TNT, the more complex the flavors become. The wood and nutty flavor is joined by a deep leather and some light sweet notes. The room aroma on this cigar is just fantastic. Almost everyone who came into the shop asked me what I was smoking because of how good it smelled. This ended up being a full flavored, medium/full bodied cigar with a nice complexity to it. I had to set it down with about an inch left because it started to burn a little hot on me, but other than that, the TNT performed perfectly.

This was only my 2nd Viaje, and so far I have really liked what this brand offers! This was a very flavorful cigar, and even though it was a little larger than I normally prefer, it didn't disappoint. The overall look of the cigar is impressive. These are probably going to be hard to find, because to the best of my knowledge they are completely sold out. With only 50 crates produced, they went quick. They sold for around $10 a piece, which isn't bad considering the size of the cigar and how it tasted. 

What cigar did everyone else enjoy on the 4th of July?