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Viaje Holiday Blend 2010 Torpedo

The Viaje Holiday Blend Torpedo is the 2nd release of the Holiday blend. This year's release has a different wrapper than last year's and was released in two sizes. The Torpedo I am reviewing is a 5 X 54, and the other vitola is a 4 X 54 Petite Robusto. This Nicaraguan Puro features a Criollo 98 wrapper and has a slightly closed foot. The Holiday Blend (like a lot of Viaje cigars) is a limited run cigar with 125 boxes of 30 being released for each of the 2 vitolas and will supposedly be released around Christmas every year. I heard that blend blend may be slightly changed year to year and I would guess that will be the same case with the vitola.

This is a pretty nice looking cigar with a few bumps and small veins. The wrapper is the color of oily dark chocolate. The predraw brings flavors of cocoa and earth. The draw perfect. The construction is solid, which is a relief after my last experience with a Viaje (Skull and Bones second release). The Holiday blend starts out with a little spice on the tongue, some bittersweet chocolate and some mild roasted coffee flavors. So far it is off to a promising start. There is a really great cedar aroma coming off of this cigar and the burn is wandering just a little in the first inch. The spice seems to have backed off quite a bit. This is already moving into the full bodied category, this packs a punch right from the start. 

At about 2 inches into this cigar the flavors have mellowed. The spice is gone, the chocolate and coffee flavors are still there but are lighter and some cedar has shown up in the profile. The retrohale brings out a lot more of the cedar. The ash fell at just under 2 inches and the burn has been wavy. A few minor touch ups with my torch seems to have fixed any burn issues though. In the final third, a hint of the initial spice has returned with some dark earth flavors as well. This is a solid full bodied cigar with some strength to it, but it isn't a powerhouse. 

The Viaje 2010 Holiday Blend Torpedo was a pretty good cigar, one of the better Viajes Ive had, although I haven't had a ton of them. This full bodied cigar had some nice flavors, but wasn't overly complex. I had heard that these were really powerful as far as strength goes, but I didn't get knocked over by it. I would probably buy a few more of these if given the chance, but they are on the pricey side, around $9 a piece. I wasn't the only reviewer to notice that these get kind of mellow in the middle, maybe some more time in the humidor would help even out the flavor profile, as well as even out the burn a little bit?