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Tatuaje 7th

The Tatuaje 7th is the first addition to the Tatuaje Brown line that Pete Johnson started in 2003, and if you hadn't guessed, is the 7th vitola in the line. This is a classic Corona Gorda, measuring in at 5 5/8 X 46, a favorite size of mine. This cigar just started shipping to shops in the last few weeks and will be a permanent addition to the brown line. Like the rest of the Tatuaje's this is a Nicaraguan Puro made by Don Pepin Garcia. 

The 7th has a very oily smooth wrapper with some veining along the length of the cigar. Like the rest of the Tatuaje's it is very well made with a perfectly applied triple cap. The predraw shows the perfect amount of resistance, with a dry cocoa and earth flavor. Once lit, there is plenty of the classic Tatuaje spice on the tongue. There is plenty of earth and cocoa (like the prelight draw) and some leather flavors with the spiciness as well. Not surprisingly, this tastes like a brown label Tatuaje! The construction on this cigar is pretty amazing, the ash didnt drop until over halfway through the cigar and the burn was razor sharp. I am really liking this blend in this size. The flavor is consistent throughout the cigar, always plenty of evolving tastes to keep you interested. The pepper dies down a little bit, but is really present on the retrohale. 

This is a great addition to the Brown line Tatuaje's. To me, this came in at a solid medium/full bodied smoke with loads of flavor. The ash was really impressive, and shows  how well these are made.  There is also a 7th Reserva that has a broadleaf wrapper over this blend, which I will be reviewing soon! I love the size and will be picking up plenty more of these. (unless the reserva is even better!) These come in at about $7.95 at my local shop, making them a fairly affordable choice.