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La Casita Criolla

This week's review is of one of the new cigars from Tatuaje, La Casita Criolla. This is one of the new releases that I have been anxious to try because it is composed of 100% Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco. Being a huge fan of all the cigars coming ouf of the My Father factory with Broadleaf as the wrapper, the idea of an all Broadleaf cigar intrigued me for sure! I am smoking the HCBC size, which is a 5 5/8x46 Corona Gorda. This is another old Cuban brand name that Pete has brought back to life (like El Triunfador). We got these into the store on my day off, but as soon as I found out they came in I headed over to the store to pick up a few to smoke because I didn't want to wait any longer!

The La Casita looks like all of the other Broadleaf wrapped cigars I have seen from the My Father factory, slightly veiny with very little oil present on the wrapper. Broadeaf isn't always the prettiest wrapper but it is usually pretty tasty! This cigar is very firm with almost no give to it when squeezed. The aroma coming off of this cigar is full of earth, cedar and some barnyard. The prelight shows a rather firm draw, a little more resistence than I normally prefer with flavors of clove and something I just can't put my finger on. Once lit the La casita Criolla starts out with some earth and a darker fruity flavor with just a hint of spice on the finish. Even though the draw isn't perfect I am still getting a decent amount of smoke out of it. This has a ton of flavor but is strait medium bodied. I wouldn't call this a complex cigar but definitely flavorful. The ash really doesn't like to hang around long, falling at less than half an inch.

As I reach the halfway point some dark chocolate and nutty flavors show up. This is still a solid medium bodied cigar at this point. The burn has been very even so far. Heading into the final third this cigar has developed an almost syrupy sweet characteristic, but at the same time not being too sweet. The draw has improved towards the end and I am getting a lot more smoke and even more rich flavor. The smoke is very thick on my palate at this point, but is really clean feeling and almost refreshing. This is interesting because usually with really chewy smoke like this it really coats your palate, but that isn't the case with this at all. At the very end the strength has picked up to the medium/full range. I didn't set this cigar down until I was just about burning my fingers.

La Casita Criolla is a really good cigar! I wasn't sure what to expect with an all Broadleaf cigar, but I was really pleased with the flavors this delivered. I am hoping that the tighter draw was just a fluke because after smoking this one I am planning on picking up plenty more! The price point is fantastic at right around $6, making this a really affordable cigar to stock up on. I am hoping to try the other sizes soon to figure out which one I need a box of!