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Tatuaje 7th Capa Especial


The Tatuaje 7th Capa Especial is the newest addition to the La Seleccion de Cazador line of cigars (aka Brown Line). This is the same blend as the regular 7th but with a Sumatran wrapper. In the sea of limited releases, it's nice to see a new regular production cigar being added to the Tatuaje line up. There are a few other new full releases coming out from Tatuaje in the next few months, but Pete let the Capa Especial out before the trade show thats happening later this month. This is a traditional Corona Gorda, measuring in at 5 5/8x46. 

Like the rest of the Tatuaje's, this is a nice looking cigar. The wrapper is silky smooth with a few smaller veins along the length of the cigar. The shade of the wrapper is between the normal 7th and the 7th Reserva and has a slightly reddish hue. I like the addition of the 2nd band to set it apart from the other brown line cigars. There is a woody aroma at the foot and the prelight draw shows flavors of sweet cedar and barnyard. The draw is spot on for this vitola. Once lit, the initial flavors are of cedar with a mild sweetness and roasted nuts. Half an inch in and some classic Tatuaje spice shows up with some leather and milky coffee flavors. This has a nice complexity to it! The construction is really nice, holding an ash for an inch easily. The burn hasn't needed any touchups. 

At the halfway point there is more of the leathery flavor and less of the cedar and coffee. Out of no where comes a flavor I can only describe as banana bread. Its got that sweet fruity flavor with some vanilla and cinnamon. This only lasted for a few minutes, but what a unique flavor while it lasted! In the final third I would say this is a solid medium bodied cigar with a very full complex flavor profile. The burn was dead even throughout the entire smoke. The end of this cigar delivers a nice amount of spice on the finish. 

This is probably one of the best Sumatra wrapped cigars I can remember smoking. This is a great addition to the Tatuaje line up and I am looking forward to picking up more of them. It seemed like every draw brought out a different component of the flavor profile. Pepin is using this wrapper on a few other cigars, and I can't wait to see what else he does with it.