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Tatuaje TAA

Today's review is of the new(er) Tatuaje TAA cigar, which is for the Tobacconists Association of America stores. There are 40 stores in this association and 1,500 boxes of 20 were split between the stores. This slightly box pressed/oval shaped cigar has an oily Broadleaf wrapper and a closed foot. It measures in at 5 5/8x54. This has a slightly squishy feel to it, but it doesn't seem underfilled or anything like that.

The TAA is a great looking cigar, I'm a sucker for the closed foot that Pete does for some of his releases. The aroma off of the wrapper is strait up broadleaf with some cocoa and leather. The prelight draw shows a near perfect draw with flavors of musty tobacco and some spice. Once lit this starts out with plenty of classic Tatuaje/Pepin peppery spice, leather and a deep, rich earthy tobacco flavor. Right from the start this is a hell of a cigar. There is some sweetness in the flavor profile as well, which is working as a great contrast against the peppery spice. This is very full flavored and already medium+ as far as strength goes. The slightly flaky ash held on for right around an inch and the burn has been even so far.

Reaching the halfway point and this is still smoking really well. Some espresso has joined the flavor profile with even more of that great leathery taste. This definitely reminds me of the Tatuaje Barclay Rex. Towards the end the TAA I would say this is still a medium+ strength cigar with a great full bodied flavor profile. 

The Tatuaje TAA was amazing. This was one of the best of Tatuaje's limited releases I have smoked this year. I love the rich flavor profile and the size of this cigar. It smoked perfectly and never had a single burn issue. These sell for around $10-11 a piece and are worth every penny. I think they are still availabe at some of the TAA shops, and I recommend going out and getting as many as you can! 


Tatuaje Monster Series "The Wolfman"

Happy Halloween to all my fellow cigar enthusiasts! This week's special Halloween review is one I have looked forward to doing all year, the 4th edition of the Tatuaje Monster Series, The Wolfman! Just like in previous years there was a frenzy in the cigar world to get these cigars, but like last year's "The Face" release, he also put out 10 count plain boxes as well as the 13 count dress boxes for collectors. I was wasn't able to get my hands on a box but I was lucky enough to land a few singles. This year's edition is modeled after The Wolfman and comes in a blood splattered rough looking wood coffin (dress box) with the cigars bundled in silver foil. It is a 7.5x52 box pressed torpedo with an unfinished foot (binder and filler extend past the wrapper a little bit). This has an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper and Nicaraguan binder and filler. I was excited to see that this was coming with that Sumatra wrapper after the success of the 7th Capa Especial with the same wrapper. The new band is pretty ugly, but in a good way with the red on brown Tatuaje logo that also says Monster and Halloween on the band. 

This is a big cigar! The box press makes the 52 ring gauge seem toned down but at 7.5 inches its a massive smoke. The Sumatra wrapper is verging on rustic with some uneven coloring and veins running the length of the cigar. That being said, this is a Monster release, its not supposed to be pretty! I like the unfinished/shaggy foot but am glad it isn't overdone or too long. The aroma at the foot is of musty, sweet wood. After a clean cut the draw is fairly open with flavors of wood and something I just can't identify. Once lit the Wolf starts out with a light spice but not nearly the typical Tatuaje spice and a woody core flavor. After burning through the unfinished foot and the Sumatra wrapper starts burning, the flavor really takes off with a mouth coating sweetness and more of that woody core flavor. The ash fell at just under an inch. The further I get into this cigar the better it gets. A leathery component has shown up that plays off the sweet woody core really well. This is really balanced and a solid medium for strength and body. The burn is really nice on this cigar but it seems to be smoking rather quickly. Either that or I am just smoking fast because it is so tasty! The room aroma is nice and sweet. 

Closing in on the halfway point and I am impressed with the Wolfman at this point. Sumatra wrapped cigars have never been a favorite but they are doing great things with it at the My Father factory. The flavor profile is getting deeper and richer while still being in the medium category for me. As I burn close to the band the woody flavor has transitioned to a distinct oak flavor. Normally I am not big on the really woody cigars, but this is balanced really well with the sweetness and leather components. In the final third the strength has moved into the medium to full range but is still very well balanced. 

So for all of these limited edition cigars the big question is are they worth the hunt? For the Wolfman I say absolutely! I have smoked all of the Monster series cigars (one of each other than the Face) and I must say The Wolfman might be leading the pack as my favorite! I love the sweetness from the Sumatra wrapper and the overall balance of the cigar. This isn't one of the stronger Tatuajes, more medium throughout until the very end but it is packed full of flavor. I am sure if you look hard enough you can still find these and they are definitely worth the $13 they sell for. Happy Halloween everyone!