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This week's review is of the Reinado. This is a relatively new cigar company that is starting to distrubute their cigars mostly on the East Coast. Reinado means "Royal Rule" and is a Nicaraguan Puro with a Habano Rosado wrapper. Apparently there is some sort of unique fermentation process used on the tobaccos in this cigar, but thats all the information I could get on the subject. I haven't been able to find out exactly what factory these are coming out of. Reinado cigars contacted me to see if I wanted to try their cigars, and I told them I would be happy to but they would as always get my honest review of their product. They sent me the Robusto to try, which looks to be a 5.5x50. 

The Reinado has a smooth yet rustic looking wrapper with a standard medium brown color to it. The overall roll feels consistent and the cap is just a little sloppy (but holds up fine when cut). The prelight draw shows a slightly open draw with flavors of light cedar and an almost musty aged tobacco flavor. This cigar lights easily and starts out with a lot of woody flavors (not cedar) and just a hint of peppery spice on the tip of my tongue. Right off the bat I can tell that at least some of the tobacco used in this cigar is from Jalapa, it just has that signature flavor to it. It doesn't have the spicy heavy flavor I associate with tobaccos from Esteli. (after a quick email to Antonio from Reinado cigars and I am right, tobacco from Jalapa!) Its pretty obvious that the tobaccos used in this cigar are well aged, it just has that flavor to it that you only get out of well aged tobaccos. The burn is even through the first inch and the ash has no problem holding on. So far this has been a smooth cigar, medium bodied and mild/medium in strength. Through the nose there is a little bit of almond nuttyness that works very well with the woody core of this cigar. Halfway up the cigar the wrapper is starting to lift off, but I am hoping it will stay put until I can smoke through that section. 

As I reach the halfway point the ash has gotten a little flaky and the wrapper is still lifting off on part of the cigar. The flavors have stayed consistent so far with a lot of that woody characteristic. There is some syrupy sweetness on the finish now on the finish. I would still put this as a solid medium cigar. I was able to burn through the lifting wrapper without any problem. Through the last third the flavors haven't changed and the burn is still nice and even.

The Reinado was a solid medium bodied cigar. For those who enjoy a woody cigar with plenty of flavor I would recommend giving this one a shot if you can find it. These aren't widely distributed at this point, but It seems like this company is trying to change that. This isn't an overly complex cigar, but the flavors it has come through nicely. It looks like this cigar sells for right around $7.95, and at at that price range will have a lot of competition.