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Nestor Miranda Art Deco

Today's review is of another cigar I got from a friend at Miami Cigars, the new Nestor Miranda Art Deco! This cigar was just released over the last month or so and comes in metal tins of 21 cigars that go along with the art deco theme behind this release. 3 sizes are being made, a 4.5 X 40, 6 X 60, and the one I am reviewing today, a 5.5 X 54. There was a delay in the tin production, so the initial release of this cigar was in bundles, but I am under the impression that the tin boxes are now going to be available. The Art Deco is made up of a Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper, a dual binder of Dominican Criollo and Nicaraguan Habano, and Nicaraguan and Dominican filler. This is being made by Don Pepin Garcia for Nestor Miranda, and is one of the few cigars Pepin makes with something other than Nicaraguan filler. 

The Art Deco is a solid looking cigar with a fantastic looking label. The wrapper is fairly veiny and has a little bit of tooth to it. It is slightly dry to the touch with very little oil present. Once clipped, the draw is just right and has a light chocolate flavor to it. Once lit, the Art Deco starts out with clouds of sweet smoke. It is starting out on the milder side and is nice and smooth. As I get a little further into this cigar, a dry woody flavor seems to have taken over as the dominant flavor. The finish is a little on the dry side. This isn't the standard cedar flavor I pick out of cigars, but something else I can't put my finger on. Surprisingly there isn't really any spice to this cigar, which is odd considering this is coming from Pepin. There is a little bit of earth and coffee here as well, but it is pretty faint. The sweetness is still there, and on the retrohale comes across as more of a caramel. That being said, other than the woody flavor, all of the other flavors seem to be really muted. This is a really well made cigar, holding its ash for over an inch without any problem. The burn is also dead on. 

At the halfway point nothing has really changed. The flavors are light but clean, and the construction is really nice. I wish there was something else happening with the profile on this at this point. There is nothing wrong with this cigar at all, it is really pleasant but I wish the flavor was a little deeper. It has darkened up a little bit in the last third, with a dark espresso flavor and a little bit of cinnamon on the finish.

Overall, the Art Deco was an ok cigar. It ended up being a solid medium bodied cigar but didn't wow me in the flavor department. I could see this being an enjoyable cigar for some, but it just didn't hit me where I like when it comes to the flavor. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this cigar, it burns perfectly and has a nice aroma to it. I definitely prefer other Pepin cigars where he is sticking to blending with Nicaraguan Tobacco. This could do with a splash of that classic Pepin spice. I think that would have really turned this cigar around for me. That being said, I don't need that spice in every cigar I smoke to enjoy it, but I felt that it would have helped out this particular blend a little bit. These sell for $7.50 for this size, which isn't bad at all. Give it a shot if you see them in your local shop, I have a feeling that it will be one that some people will love, but I am not one of those people. 


Nestor Miranda Special Selection Coffee Break

Here we go with yet another cigar blended by master blender, Don Pepin Garcia. This time hes blending for Nestor Miranda, maker of Don Lino cigars. I couldnt really find a lot of info on this cigar, other than its a Nicaraguan puro. This is the "coffee break" size, 4.5 inches by ring gauge. This isnt the prettiest cigar to look at, with a very rustic feel to it. The wrapper is nicely applied, but has a very large ugly vein up one side.

The predraw taste is fairly mild and cedary and the draw is just right. The first few draws show a medium bodied toasty flavor with a really tasty fruit flavor (a bit like black cherry). There isnt as much spice as i expected with this cigar being from Don Pepin, but its nice to see him changing it up between different lines hes blending for. There is a very toasted woody flavor present as well. This is a very approachable cigar so far with soft creamy flavors.

At the halfway point this cigar's flavor has gone a bit south. It has gotten a little harsh flavorwise though, and to be honest, a little boring. Also, there is a bit of tar forming at the head which makes for a nasty bitter flavor, but again, like the last cigar i reviewed, i cut a bit more off the cigar and it was fine.

Overall, this definitely wasnt a favorite. I like a ton of Pepin's cigars, but this isnt one of them. Would i smoke it again? probably not.