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My Father Le Bijou 1922 Federal Cigar 91st Cervantes Connecticut

This week's review is of the new My father Le Bijou 1922 Federal Cigar 91st Cervantes with the Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. This is one of two cigars released to celebrate Federal Cigar's 91st anniversary. The other is the same size with the normal Le Bijou wrapper. Only 50 boxes of 23 were released of the Connecticut wrapped version, which could only be purchased in store. I was lucky enough to work out a trade to obtain this cigar from a friend that frequents Federal. This cigar measures in at 6.5x42 and has a Nicaraguan filler and binder. 

This Federal 91st is a great looking cigar with its soft, light brown Connecticut wrapper and perfectly applied triple cap. This seems to be a very well put together cigar, not that I expect anything else from the MF factory. The aroma at the foot is of sweet cedar and barnyard. The prelight draw shows a perfect draw with flavors of sweet earth, cedar and plenty of barnyard funk. Once lit this starts out with some sweet cedar and a roasted nut character and a creamy quality to the smoke. Some classic Pepin black pepper spice shows up pretty quickly but doesn't overhwelm the creamyness of this smoke. The retrohale brings out a bit more spice and more of that roasted nut flavor. The ash held on for a little over an inch and the burn has been dead even.

I am really liking this size, but then again I tend to enjoy thinner ring gauge cigars. With the thinner ring gauge you really get more of the wrapper flavor coming through. This is a much fuller bodied blend than your typical Connecticut wrapped cigar, but it balances out nicely. I would say this is a medium/full bodied cigar and medium strength. At the halfway point the flavor profile has remained fairly consistent and very tasty. The black pepper is in the background now (except on the retrohale) and the smoke still has that creamy consistency. As I reach the band an almond flavor is dominating the flavor profile without some of the bitterness I normally get with that flavor. For a split second I got one of the weirdest flavors I have ever picked up in a cigar, sauerkraut. It only showed up on one draw and oddly it wasn't offputting at all. In the final third the strength has moved up to the medium to full range.

Overall I really enjoyed the MF Le Bijou Federal 91st. The Connecticut wrapper really works well with this blend, and Ecuadorian Connecticut isn't a wrapper I normally prefer. I think the creamyness really comes from the wrapper, but I won't know until I smoke the 91st with the normal Bijou wrapper. For a limited edition cigar these are very affordable, coming in at $8. Unfortunately the Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapped version is sold out. I was just happy to get my hands on one of them!