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Para Japón

This week's review is of the Para Japón, a new cigar from La Aurora. Proceeds from the sale of the Para Japón are going to the Japan earthquake and tsunami relief fund, which is the whole reason behind this project. The guys from Cigar Explorer (Mario Takeyama and Dan Reeve) approached La Aurora to do this cigar after the earthquake. Mario still has friends and family in Japan and he wanted to do something to support the relief fund. Mario and Dan designed the band and artwork and La Aurora put together a cigar. Actually, the cigar has been aging for 3 years and was waiting for a project to be released under. I was lucky enough to be one of the people a few samples were sent out to. This cigar is a 5x50 robusto with a Nicaraguan wrapper, Dominican Binder and Cameroon, Brazilian and Dominican fillers. These are being released in boxes of 12 this week.

The Para Japón has a silky brown wrapper with 2 larger veins running the length of it. The overall roll feels very firm without any soft spots. The aroma at cold is of cedar and well fermented/aged tobacco. The prelight draw shows a good draw with a lot of musty aged tobacco flavor. The wrapper leaves a slightly odd flavor on my lips that takes a minute to get used to. Once lit this starts out with a lot of leather and cedar. This isn't overly complex but it is definitely pleasant. The ash holds on for a solid inch in this example, but one of the previous samples I smoked had a really flakey ash on it. The burn hasn't needed any touchups throughout the first third. At the end of the first third the finish has gotten really nutty, something similar to toasted walnuts. This cigar has a unique flavor to it. I have tasted all of these flavors in cigars before, but something about the way they are coming together in this particular cigar is really different. As I reach the band the flavors have stayed consistent. Thankfully the larger veins on the wrapper didn't cause any burn problems or bitterness on the palate. I would put this down as a medium bodied mild/medium strength cigar. 

The Para Japón was a pretty solid cigar. This probably isn't my favorite thing I've had from La Aurora, but there was something unique about it that would definitely bring me back to smoke it again. These will be available for $10 a piece or $96 for a box of 12, with some of the proceeds going to the aid in Japan. I love seeing a cigar company stepping up and supporting a great cause. This fits what I like for a first cigar of the day, something mild enough to have after breakfast that still delivers plenty of flavor. This isn't the most complex cigar you will ever smoke, but with the flavors it offers, it won't disappoint.


Guillermo Leon Corona Gorda

Today's review is another cigar I got from Miami Cigars, the new Guillermo Leon! This is the newest cigar from La Aurora, and is named after the man in charge of the company, Guillermo Leon. This cigar is just starting to show up on the market, and comes in 5 sizes. This review is of the Corona Gorda, which measures in at 6 X 47. The Guillermo Leon has an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, a Cameroon and Dominican Corojo binder, and has a very complex filler made up of tobacco from Peru, Nicaragua, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic. 

This has a very silky brown wrapper with a nice oily sheen to it. There are a few bumbs and veins, but nothing that takes away from the overall great look of this cigar. The band is very striking with the red and silver logo. A very pleasant barnyard aroma is present at the foot of this cigar. After a clean clip with my Palio cutter, the predraw has flavors of cedar and some sweeter earth flavors. The draw is just right. Once lit, this cigar starts out with very creamy and smooth flavors of roasted nuts, cedar and just a tiny amount of spice on the tongue. There is a little more spice on the retrohale, but not much. There is a nice sweetness to the finish as well. The burn is really even, and very slow. I've smoked a few of these at this point, and all of them burn incredibly slow and even. I am not a big retrohaler, but this cigar is really smooth when exhaled through the nose. The ash has no problem holding on for about an inch. 

The flavors in the Guillermo are nice and complex. The balance of this cigar is what really grabs my attention. All the flavors work perfectly together, mingling in just the right way on the palate. For me, this ends up being a solid medium bodied cigar with very consistent complex flavors throughout the smoke. The flavors do seem to deepen in the last third, making for a great finish to a very tasty cigar. I have to say, I have really been impressed with some of La Aurora's cigars lately, first the 107, now this. This one is a little more expensive than the 107, the corona gorda is retailing for $8.50. That being said, I will have no problem picking more of these up at that price. For me, this is a cigar you can light up at any point of the day, whether it's after breakfast, or later in the evening. I wouldn't necessarily pair it with a heavy drink or anything, but It has enough flavor to be smoked at the end of the day.