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J. Fuego Origen Lancero

Today's review is of a cigar I have had in my humidor for almost a year now and just haven't had a chance to smoke until this past week. The J. Fuego Origen Lancero measures in at 7.5x38 and is made in Honduras. The cigar is made up of all Corojo tobacco. The filler is a mix of Nicaraguan and Honduran Corojo, the binder is Costa Rican Corojo, and the wrapper is Brazilian Corojo. The only other Origen I have smoked up until this one is the Original. The Originals come in 5 packs and are an ugly little perfecto. These precut longfiller cigars are getting really popular because they offer a ton of flavor in a small, cheap package. I figured If such a rough cigar was tasty I would try something else in the line and the Lancero is what I decided to go with.

This lancero is ugly,  but not as ugly as the Originals. The wrapper is dry and rustic in appearance and a fairly standard shade of brown. The cigar is finished off with a small pigtail cap in true lancero style. The prelight draw has a light cocoa and musty flavor, but the flavors coming out of this lancero are very light. Th draw is on the loose side for a lancero. Once lit, this starts out with some light leather, bitter coffee and a woody core flavor. The burnline immediately starts to go all over the place, requiring a few touchups within the first few minutes of getting this lancero going. The finish is on the dry side. Because of the open draw you really need to take your time with this one because it could easily burn hot if you smoke it quickly, and it does burn on the fast side because of this.  

 At the halfway point some caramel sweetness shows up, but the flavors coming out of the Origen Lancero are fairly basic. On the retrohale there is a tiny bit of spice that isn't present on the palate. The dry woody flavors are still dominating this cigar and the burn has improved slightly. I would say this is a medium bodied cigar with a mild/medium amount of strength. As I enter the final third of this cigar there is a sudden shift in flavor. A huge rush of nuttyness, almost like a caramelized almond flavor shows up out of nowhere. I have rarely experienced such a drastic shift in flavors like this. It is almost like I am smoking a completely different cigar at this point, other than the woody core flavor. The mix of bitter and sweet nutty flavors really livens up the flavor profile, which is good because I am starting to get bored with this one.  

This was an interesting cigar, not really what I expected. I wouldn't call it a favorite but it wasn't a bad cigar. The J. Fuego Origen Lancero just seemed fairly simple to me. If that flavor shift had happened a little earlier on in the cigar I would have been much more interested in the flavor profile. Maybe this blend just doesn't work in a lancero. If you want to try this blend, stick with the Origen Originals in the 5 pack. They deliver much more flavor that this lancero did. This lancero sells for between $6 and $7 if I remember correctly, and with the 5 pack of Originals selling for between $10 and $12 I know where I would spend my money.