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Curivari Seleccion Privada Maduro

This week's review is of the Curivari Seleccion Privada Maduro. The Maduro version of the Seleccion Privada was released at the 2011 trade show and features a Nicaraguan Habano Maduro wrapper over a Nicaraguan filler and binder. I am reviewing the Fabulosos Vitola, which measures in at 7x52. To be honest I still don't know much about Curivari as a company, other than they seem to be one of the more ultra boutique companies out there (I don't see these in a lot of shops yet). 

The Seleccion Privada maduro is an attractive cigar with a dark, oily wrapper and looks to be very well put together. The aroma at the foot is of strait well aged tobacco. After a clean clip with my Palio, the great draw shows flavors of hay and faint cocoa. Once lit this starts out with some leather and an almost citrusy zesty spice. There is a chocolate cake flavor in here as well that I am really enjoying. The citrus mixing with the chocolate really works well together. This isn't as "dark" in the flavor profile as your typical Maduro. This is starting out strait medium across the board. There is a nice complexity to the flavor profile as well, the flavors just dance across your palate. They are very different than your typical Nicaraguan Puro. Some of the other Curivari's I have smoked sort of reminded me of Cuban tobacco but this one doesn't really have that character to it, which is fine. It's nice to see some variety in the profiles across the different lines. The burn started off a little wavy but corrected itself. The ash fell at around an inch and a half. At the end of the first third some creamy coffee has joined the flavor profile.

At the halfway point some nuttyness has shown up with the other flavors in this cigar. The profile has gotten a little darker at this pint but is still very medium in strength. The wrapper is starting to lift off a little bit but I am hoping to burn through it without any issues. In the final third the flavors have remained mostly consistent, with more of that nuttyness (almond maybe?) coming through. The strength has gone up a little into the medium+ range. 

The Curivari Seleccion Privada Maduro was a great cigar! All of the Curivari's I have smoked so far have impressed me a lot. We just started carrying them at Burning Leaf so I am happy to have easy access to them! This one was a little different than the others I have smoked, it didn't have that Cubanesque flavor profile but it definitely delivered plenty of complex flavors. The whole Curivari line is very affordable as well, with this specific one coming in around $7. I am looking forward to trying these in a few different sizes soon. If you haven't checked out any of the Curivari cigars yet, I recommend doing so!


Curivari El Gran Rey

The Curivari line is one I have been hearing a lot about lately. This week I am trying the El Gray Rey line, which like the rest of the Curivari cigars is a Nicaraguan Puro. This one is a mixture of Corojo and Criollo tobaccos. I am smoking the Prominentes size that measures in at 6.5x50. 

The El Gran Rey looks to be a very well made cigar with a Cuban style triple cap finishing it off. The overall roll feels very even and the wrapper is a medium brown color with a slightly oily and silky feel to it. The aroma at the foot is of light barnyard and leather. The cap cut very clean and the cold draw shows a perfect draw with light flavors of that same barnyard I got off the foot aroma. Immediately upon lighting I am greeted with a flood of flavor including leather, coffee and a roasty/toasty flavor. This is a very flavorful cigar, but is lighter on the palate and mild/medium strength so far. I am also getting some black tea and honey flavors. 

Nearing the halfway point and this cigar continues to impress me with the complexity it offers. Quite suddently the flavor profile shifts to an oak and some bitter walnut flavors. The sweetness is pretty much gone and that bitterness isn't overwhelming thankfully. There is a citrus zest flavor coming through at this point as well. I hate to even say this but there are some characteristics of this cigar that really do remind me of some of the Cuban cigars I have smoked. Entering the final third and the flavor profile has turned darker, with that rich leather flavor really coming through now. The construction on this cigar is pretty impressive and the burn hasn't needed any touchups. 

This was my first cigar from Curivari, and it definitley won't be my last! It's nice to find another cigar that offers plenty of flavor and complexity in the mild/medium strength range. The first half of this cigar was fantastic and while I didn't love that bitterness that crept in as I entered the final third of this El Gran Rey, I would like to pick up a few more soon to see if that is a consistent trait of this cigar. I have a feeling a little age might get rid of some of that bitterness. This size sells for around $9.50, so while not cheap it doesn't break the bank.