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CroMagnon Mandible

This week's review is of a relatively new cigar called CroMagnon. These are sold exclusively through Hava Cigar in Austin, Texas. A friend of mine picked up a bundle and gave me a few to review in two sizes. I am reviewing the Mandible size, which measures in at 4.5x60. The friend who gave me this to review knows I am not a fan of this format at all, but I've heard that this is one of the best sizes in the line so I'll give it a try. The CroMagnon features a Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper, Cameroon binder and three different Nicaraguan fillers. 

The Broadleaf wrapper is thick and oily and the overall construction of this squat cigar looks solid and evenly rolled. The aroma coming off of the wrapper and the foot offer up a sweet and musty characteristic. After a quick clip with my Palio cutter the prelight draw is just right with flavors pretty much in line with the aroma, sweet and musty with some of that great barnyard funk I like to taste in a cigar. Once lit the CroMag starts out with plenty of thick sweet leather flavors. There is a deep earthyness here as well. I am getting a little bit of an almond flavor on the finish, but it's faint. Something about this cigar is telling me that they will really benefit from some aging, at least a year would be my guess. It's not that the cigar tastes young or anything, I just think the flavor profile would get even tastier with some downtime. The burnline has been wavy but a few minor touchups fixed that. 

At the halfway point the flavor has stayed consistent and the strength is starting to creep into the full category. I am kind of surprised this isn't a spicy cigar with all the Nicaraguan filler tobacco, but that goes to show what a variety of flavors you get out of Nicaraguan leaf. The smoke is slightly dry on the palate, but not in the way that you need to keep a gallon of water next to you while smoking. I have heard that this line was very powerful, but entering the final third I would say its full bodied and just barely full strength. It has taken on a nutty flavor right at the end and is starting to get a little warm in the last inch. At the end this never reached the ass kicking strength level that I heard these delivered, which is just fine by me. 

Overall I enjoyed the CroMagnon Mandible. I still do not like this size and am looking forward to smoking this blend in a more approachable vitola. The flavor profile isn't overly complex but does deliver a lot of flavor and doesn't get boring. I would like to try this blend after it has rested for a year+ to see what some time does to the flavor profile. This size sells for about $6.5 which seems reasonable to me for what it delivers.