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EP Carillo Core Line Maduro

This week's review is of the new EP Carillo Core Line Maduro. This was released at this year's trade show and features a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, Nicaraguan Binder, and Nicaraguan and Dominican filler. This is available in 8 sizes and the one I am smoking is the Club 52, which measures in at 5 7/8x52. 

This wrapper on this cigar is dark, but not jet black like a lot of maduros on the market. The coloring is slightly mottled. This isn't an oily cigar, it has a slightly rough, toothy appearance but still feels very supple. There is one softer spot towards the foot of the cigar but overall the construction looks top knotch. The aroma at the foot is strait aged tobacco and barnyard. The cap clips cleanly and the prelight draw is on the looser side with plenty of that barynard flavor coming through. Once lit the EP Carillo Maduro starts out with plenty of dusty cocoa, roasted nuts, espresso and some spicy heat on the tongue without the pepper flavor I often find comes along with that spice. Even from the start this is a full bodied cigar and it produces copious amounts of dense, palate coating smoke. The burn has been a little wavy but hasn't needed any corrections and the dark ash fell at just under an inch. This cigar has that great, classic maduro flavor of rich coffee, chocolate and some leather at this point. 

At the halway point I am really enjoying this cigar. The cocoa has transitioned into a really tasty dark chocolate which is going well with the espresso and leather flavors. I would say at this point this is a solid medium strength cigar and very full flavored. There is a subtle sweetness to this cigar, more like a brown sugar. Entering the final third and yet another flavor transition. All of the previous flavors remain but have been joined by a deep woody flavor. This cigar has a great complexity to it. 

The EP Carillo Core Line Maduro is a great cigar! When I think of the flavors I want in a maduro wrapped cigar, this has everything I am looking for. I would say this is my favorite of all of the EP Carillo cigars I have smoked. At this point I have smoked 5 or 6 of this blend and find them very consistent. At around $6.50-7 a piece these are one of those cigars I will be smoking frequently and will probably end up with a box of very soon. 

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