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Calibre 58

The Calibre 58 (aka El Gordito) is a new cigar from Miami cigar & Company. This started out as a house blend for Miami Cigar to pass out at events, but apparently there was a high demand for it so they are putting it out on the market. This cigar comes in two different wrappers, an Oscuro and the Rosado. This is also available in two vitolas, a robusto and Torpedo, both measuring in at  4X58. I am reviewing the Rosado Torpedo, but have also smoked the robusto (I've only smoked the Rosado, not the Oscuro). The Calibre is a Nicaraguan Puro and I am not sure who is blending this for Miami Cigar.  There is another cigar that has been on the market for a little while called Nub, and I can't help but notice that this Calibre bears a striking resemblance to those.  Also, this cigar came strait from one of the guys over at Miami Cigar, and as always, the source of the cigar never affects the review.

The Rosado wrapper on this has a reddish hue and shows a pleasant amount of oils. This is a hefty little cigar packed to the brim with tobacco. The prelight draw has just the right amount of resistance, and is very flavorful. There is a ton of leather and sweetness coming out of this before lighting. After getting this going (took a while with a ring gauge this large) it starts out with plenty of leather, light pepper spice, and an oak taste. The burn is starting off evenly and is producing a very white ash. Speaking of the ash, I am pretty sure it would have held on for the entire length of the cigar if I hadn't let it slip down into the ashtray and fall off. The other samples I had of these previously held onto the ash for the entire length of the cigar. At the halfway point of this chubby cigar, the flavors have stayed pretty much the same, but slightly muddled. Unfortunately, a slight crack has developed in the wrapper (first time that has happened to me with these), but I was able to smoke through it without any issues. The flavors brightened back up in the last third, with much more of the leather and oak taste. This was a solid medium bodied cigar at the finish.

I know that this format (short and fat) has become quite popular with some of the cigar community, but I can't say that this is a favorite size of mine. I think for those that like this size that this is worth checking out. They are fairly cheap at $4.60 a piece, and well made.  This cigar lasted me a little over an hour, so it isn't a quick smoke, which some people assume it will be because its only 4 inches long. There is a ton of tobacco packed into these.  This wasn't what I would consider a complex cigar, but it wasn't boring. The first and last third were pretty good, but it got a little confusing flavor-wise in the middle.  I was able to nub this cigar without it burning hot, which is always something I worry about with such a short and chubby cigar. For me, the torpedo size is a little more manageable than the robusto because of the tapered head, but this is still not a size I prefer. So, if you like cigars like the Nub, give this one a shot! It is another nice option for those who like this vitola. 

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