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My Father Lancero

Another lancero made by Pepin tonight! This time around its the cigar called My Father, blended by Jaime garcia for his father, Don Pepin Garcia. This has a Habano Rosado wrapper and is a Nicaraguan Puro with tobacco grown at one of the most prestigious farms in Esteli, Nicaragua. This Lancero measures in at 7.5 inches X 38 ring gauge.

This is a great looking lancero, with a flawless wrapper that has a slight reddish hue to it. This has the pigtail cap, just like the Triunfador i reviewed last week. (not a surprise considering its made by the same guys).

The predraw is very rich and clean tasting, with loads of cocoa, cedar and a bit of the typical Nicaraguan spice found in Pepin's cigars. The draw is perfect for a lancero, just the right amount of resistance.

Wow. Right away this is a stellar cigar. It starts out with a slew of complex flavors, including cocoa, roasted nuts, a bit of toffee and a slight honey like sweetness. The complexity of this cigar is impressive, with such an array of flavors that really keep your palate excited. The flavor is constantly changing, with some flavors coming out with one puff, then something else coming through a few puffs later. About 2 inches in there is a really nice cakey flavor, almost like a spice cake. A few inches after that, i got a really pleasant salted meat like flavor that really surpised me and worked well with this blend. It was nice to smoke something like this with flavors that were constantly changing and intermingling together.

What an amazing cigar! I have one of these left in a different size and i can't wait to smoke it. This is a bit more refined than the El Triunfador, with a complexity i rarely see outside of Cuban cigars these days. This cigar is very well balanced and sits right at medium bodied. These will age magnificently, but smoke great now. After smoking this and the El Triunfador last week, i am very impressed with Pepin's Lanceros. If you see these, i highly recommend picking up a few! I paid a little over 7 bucks for this cigar, and it is well worth the price. This was an online purchase though, so i got it a bit cheaper than you would probably find in a shop. I like to buy locally when i can, but wasnt able to find this particular cigar in the area. I will definitely be buying more of these.


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